#197034 - She was a little taken aback, however, because Steffi had removed her blouse and was standing there in her jeans and bra! Just put your stuff over there in the corner, the big blonde ordered, I'm gonna take a shower if it's all right with you? Uh, sure, Gwen stammered while trying not to stare at Steffi's massive bust, go right ahead, I'll just put my things away! Gwen quickly turned her attention to unpacking her suit case, but out of the corner of her eye she watched in stunned silence as Steffi casually slid off her panties and jeans with one shove, leaving her stark naked in the middle of the room! She quickly averted her eyes away from the blonde Amazon, but a tap on the shoulder nearly made her faint dead away! I couldn't help but notice, Steffi said, I have one just like that! L-like what? Gwen replied unevenly while keeping her eyes to the floor. Steffi took a last sip of her wine and offered softly, No use doing that, I have a compartm

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Its turkish lol im turkish
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I love that she wears nylons in most of her sex scenes