#372195 - Sit up a second… She’s going to lay down…” With that, Amanda helped me up, and got me into position… “She wants you to play with her tits a little…” Amanda pushed my head and I felt a tit right on my face… I moved around a little to find the other with my free hand while I played gently with the one in my mouth… I sucked on the nipple. He just wanted to get his rocks off and sleep or leave… He continued grinding into her dripping hole… He had to admit, this chick was an energetic fuck with a very tight pussy… As he lay there after they had both cum too many times to count, he thought “Coming into town a few days early wasn’t such a bad idea… There’s always some ‘studious’ chick who needs to get it and they were generally good in the sack…” You see, Tom had come into Iowa for a few days to hear his sisters recital. As soon as she stopped grinding, she was sleeping on the bed… I rolled her over, and sat up… I wanted one last roll in the hay with Amanda… And I told her so… She starte

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