#130412 - I prince William will marry the fair maiden Vanessa in accordance of the kings will. ---four months later--- Do you have your speech ready for the kingdom my love yes I do Vanessa thank you, as Luna comes around the corner are you ready, yes I am, great when you finish your speech your wedding will commence ok. As we head back to the castle its late at night we get settled into the master bed room I turn around and Vanessa is completely naked she bends over the bed and looks over her shoulder tonight you get to fuck my pussy so get undressed and lets make a child, don't have to tell me twice as I drop my pants I take my raging cock in my hand and shove it balls deep into her pussy and start Fucking her when all of a sudden Luna enters the bedroom im sorry to interfere my king, its not a problem what do you want I tell her as I continue Fucking Vanessa like the room is empty, do you know what an adviser actually does, no why what are you not telling me, well when the queen

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She is so damn sexy that arch is perfect her pussy is beautiful and the way she moans