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[長崎インター (奏亜希子)] ヒスコハボン (月姫)


Parodies: Tsukihime (18)
Characters: Kohaku (6)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
26 pages - Uploaded
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#2190 - I (realistic electromagnetic interface) she can make a holographic image of herself or like only a few others she can create a solid version of herself that looks so real you couldn’t tell. “Well corporal even if that’s so he wishes to be treated like a normal dignitary but without all the red carpet things understood” yes sir but why is he here? I think it is for his girl to visit her parents that live here she does not get to see them that often because they are always gone on business and the beautiful thing about Griffins girl is she’s is part Spartan (that’s where most of her powers come from), arch angel, neko’s (a rare species that is a humanoid that is part cat and human they were drawn all the time in a thing on earth called anime they look human but have cat ears and tails). ” “You’re welcome sir and May I stay with you till your rounds are done till you get to the situation room and outline the mission specs sir “I say, “Yes you can commander id like that”.

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