#35511 - Standing at the foot of the bed is Rikimarue smiling, Ayame screams WHAT'S GOING ON RIKIMARUE? Rikimarue laughs and says Your not very smart are you? that's ok I'll walk you through it , He says Think back to the mission you got from Taimanin HQ, it said rumor has it, well who do you think started that rumor? That's right it was me . Once she's dry they take back the towel and exit the bathroom, one of the Orcs ties the rope around her ankle while another Orc ties her hands in front of her body, a third Orc is holding a plate with a ham and cheese sandwich in one hand and a bottle of water in another hand. Most Women would freak out by this but not Ayame, she's always wanted to be a Mother and now she is one plus there's always the chance that her baby is female and she'll give birth to a Human girl, this is actually a source of strength for Ayame and now she's even more focused on escape.

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