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#20348 - Fuck I curssed, I had to stay cooped up for another week, bull Hey, at least keep the language PG-13 at the table mister Mom scolded me Sorry, ma I apologized It's alright, I understand that you really want to get some freash air said After breakfast, I went upstairs and got ready for a shower, I went into the hall closet and got a towel and hobbled to my bedroom and got out of my clothes and put on a palstic protector for my cast, I wrapped the towel around me and went to the bathroom, when I opened the door, I say Kim, after she just pulled off her panties, we both gasped in suprise and I let go of my towel showing her once again my dick, we just froze for about 30 seconds, my eyes swithchng from her brown succulant nipples to her shaven full pussy, her eyes were locked on my slowley growing cock, after the 30 seconds we realized what was going on and I quickly picked up my towel and covered myself and she got her towel to cover herself. well lets just say th

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