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#50353 - She begins to slowly stroke it and lick the tip after James groans slightly she takes the head into her mouth and sucks it as she strokes faster and faster “damn Cindy, Yeah Suck my Cock! OH Yea! Shit!” She pushes half of it into her mouth which puts the tip down her throat and she begins to moan on his dick which sends vibrations through his cock making it feel even better “AGH!” as he nears his climax the door burst open and James dick immediately falls when he sees the face of the person who opened the door and Cindy turns “HI!”. see growing up after her father died Vera would always tell Cindy how much of a whore she was and without a role model she believed it so whenever anyone asked her to do something sexual she does or whenever someone touches her body she lets them if she is a whore she will act as such. Kim says you’ve got the microbiology notes that I need.

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