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#172793 - it’s not that I don’t love him, it’s just that it’s a hassle having to deal with the darn kid, his dad should keep him all week and “pass” him to me Friday so that I could take him out Saturday and Sunday showing him “how good of a person I am” and that come Monday it would be his dad that would have to deal with him the rest of the week and that it would be him who would have to deal with all his childish crap and be the “bad guy”, I would like to pass him the child support each month and forget about food, clothes, making his bed, ironing his shirts, washing all his clothes. and that he will remember forever how one person that treated him so kindly and initiated him in the world of sex and that that person gave him the confidence needed to start having pleasurable sexual encounters. I assure you that I was absolutely desperate, alone and needy in that aspect.

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