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#260815 - She was wrenching and gagging as she pulled her granddaughter off her fathers dick, I knew you liked them young when you married my Cassie but Jess! She's 13! Dragging her shell shocked grandchild out of the room she ordered her to get dressed telling her she wasn't safe here with that scum. He would make sure Jessica got in safely and would then leave , usuall with James who would be forced to drive his wife who taught the class and daughter to the class ever since her DUI on a drunken Friday night , they would usually stop at a betting shop around the corner and kill some time before they had to collect their family members, By the age of ten Jessica was taking part in little performances each month to showcase talented students to parents and guardians, this was no different appart from the fact Mark had to take Jessica to see her grandmother on her mothers side afterwards (boy they hated each other and have done ever since a 34 year old mark got her 18 year old daug

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