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#367644 - That's yes sir, he said! Uh, yes sir, she stammered back. Barbara entered the cell and sat down on bed and began to cry, if things could get any worse, she couldn't see how! Being that it was only 3:00 PM, it would be two more hour until Flo Engle got off work and returned to the cell, so lying down on the lower bunk, she fell into a restless sleep, and if she had dreamed, she never could have imagined the horrors that were about to befall her! A hard shake brought Barbara out of her slumber mas a sharp voice barked, That's may bunk you're in bitch, now get the fuck off!!! I-I'm sorry, I didn't know, apologized Barbara! Well don't let it happen again, said Flo Engle as Barb jumped to her feet and extended her hand to introduced herself. Dunn began touching Barb all over her body, paying special attention to her tits and pussy until she said in barely a whisper, Let me show you my pussy! Stripping off her own things, the warden

Read Phat Ass [STUDIO写裸苦 (写裸苦聖也)] 感触 -TOUCH- vol.3 ver.99 (みゆき)[修改+汉化版] - Miyuki Spreadeagle 感触vol.3 ver.99

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