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#82787 - One day i was walking home from school and i saw angie and some of her friends behind a building and so i got closer to see what they were doing and when i got really close i saw that they were smoking pot and i took out my cell phone and took some pics, i heard one of angie's friend said she got the pot from her dad. The he told me to come over and suck one of her tits and i said thats my sister and he said i dont give a fuck do it or i will tell your dad you broke my window,so i got up and went over and started to duck her tits and she was crying even louder now and i felt a little sorry for her,the while steven was sucking her tits he move his hand down to her skirt and he unbutton it and unzipped it and it fell to the floor and now all my sister has on is a pair of pink panties and he was rubbing her pussy over her panties and i could tell he was enjoying this and then he said lets move this to his bedroom where we could be more comfortable, so we lead her to the bedro

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