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#134580 - Moments later I felt the tip of what I presumed was a large strap-on cock being pushed into my arse and I actually started to enjoy myself, as the cock like toy was thrust in and out of my ass my dick was hard and banging into the side of the bed every time I was deeply penetrated. I had been fucked and filled with sperm and even as I sat taking it all in my arse was still leaking his cum onto the towel. I could feel the pressure building up in the base of my cock and new I was close to shooting off, then it happened and I erupted, my cum spat out of my cock in several powerful blasts and Shelly kept jerking me till I was completely drained, I heard Shelly telling Kim that I was properly milked but she didn’t stop right away and after what felt like hours of being ass fucked I felt something that I shouldn’t have, Kim was Cumming in my ass, I could feel her ejaculating inside me.

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Esta chica esta buenisima
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Cute baby