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#250961 - As l lay there his creamy spunk began to trickle from my hole which Amyl wiped for me, so l sucked his cock clean then changed out of his daughters school uniform. Robert wanted me to show his Indian friends what l looked like dressed in my girl outfit, but only wear my knickers, bra and a T-shirt, l needed to recover from Rasheed’s fucking so lay on the bed taking in the thrill. I got home mid-afternoon and Robert told me l had a surprise waiting in bed, l immediately thought Tim the donkey was in my bed and ran upstairs, l did get a surprise alright my aunt Silvia had been released from hospital early and was holding her tit out ready for me to suckle, quickly stripping l got into bed and before feeding on her warm breast milk l told Silvia ‘l missed you mummy’ and sucked her tit as if l hadn’t been fed in weeks.

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