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#1320 - I will tell you all later what occurred that night. It was quite a surprise the next Friday evening when she came home from work accompanied by Susan a secretarial assistant from a leisure club that the company owned, I had met Susan several times and although she was 20 years younger than I we had always got on quite well, Amanda explained that Susan was down in the dumps due to boyfriend trouble and needed cheering up hence her invitation to stay the weekend with us, during which she said that she had promised her a really good cheering up, but would say no more , I should point out that Susan is a skinny tall girl and not exceptionally pretty though has a great sense of spirit and is a pleasure to know. THEM I thought what does she have planned now, I did ask but was told that it was nothing to do with me as I had had my treat for the weekend, Susan to her credit came back to me and we sat naked on the sofa close together getting slowly drunk.

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