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#55663 - Sure mom she said and came closer to the table to see her friend tied in turkey-girl position but instead of going to her head to give her a kiss on the lips she moved in close to her legs and planted her own lips onto her open pussy, licking her to one last organism and tasting the delicious stuffing her mother had made, with that done Lina was placed into the oven to begin her roasting, So mom what did her mom say when you talked to her Jessica asked as they slammed the oven door shut, We have to give them something in return for allowing us to roast their daughter for Thanksgiving she replied, Ohh what do they want? Jessica asked as she sat down in front of the oven to watch Lina roast, while her mother replied To roast you for Christmas. Stacey looked in to her best friend’s eyes with a look of deep sadness, What's wrong Stacey? Jessica asked, Don't you want to help me out and save my life? Jessica added still waiting for her friends response, Sure I do

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