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#86168 - (MATT) friday was finally here i have my weekend to relax, i went through Friday , you guys know how it is , friday always seem long and i couldnt wait the bell rung and i jetted out past everyone to my car and out the parking lot i got home and went to my room and took off my jeans and shirt leaving me with my boxers and white t-shirt that clung to my body and my white soaks i layed on my bed and closed my eyes then last fridays started rushing back in my head how nathans cock was so big and hot and how i wanted to suck on it again but the chances for that was slim to non - friday was the only day i had to myself five blissful hours at home and with my parents without anyone bothering me , a hour later there was pounding at my door i hurried thinking something happen to someone in my family it was Nathan , he looked furious um are we going to finish this project or what he said or what i said he went up to my room i followed again are you okay i asked im fine lets finish

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Professor kukui
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