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#39157 - Then Jamie threw in a suggestion why don’t we have an Auld Lang Syne wank ,Pat asked what the fuck that was and Jamie reached over and took Pats cock in his hand telling him to take mine and I was to take Marks, being half pissed we all agreed to take part but it was a total joke none of us could keep any rhythm going, and it turned into a bit of a giggle, Pat then suggested that we should try something else, he suggested we should pair up and wank each other, Him and Jamie and Me and Mark, we all agreed to give it a try, Me and Jamie often played that game at home so I knew how it worked, Mark did not object so we stood face to face each others cocks in our hand and began wanking each other, a few seconds later, Jamie was on his knees and had Pat’s cock in his mouth, Pat was right into it and began fucking Jamies face, Mark looked shocked at first, he soon came around when I dropped to my knees and took his leaking boner in my mouth and started sucking him, we tried to keep the moanin

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Mouri motonari
Amazing body sweetie you are so sexy
Lucca ashtear
I would love to fuck your both tight holes