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#206750 - I have a small water barrel that I fill right away from the small river that I camp at, there is fish and some little wild game to kill and eat and I relax and enjoy the solitude being there. She lays there allowing the Coleman Lantern to shine across her body and seeing her in the light, lying there smiling up at me she says Kirk can I ask one more favor from you? I said you can ask? She says I’m still cold, would you please hold me close and get me warm, I’m cold all over and she puts my hand on her stomach and it is cold. I said here and I handed her a cup of coffee and she choked some drinking it and smiling saying thanks this is strong but hot, thanks again.

Read Lady Zeta-hime, Etsuraku. - Granblue fantasy Girls Getting Fucked Zeta-hime, Etsuraku.

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