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#8191 - she felt the device spinning gently and realized with some disgust that the device was in fact a large rotisserie she could be rotated a full 360 degrees to whatever man wanted her service next. Her life was forfeit , and the outcome of the events to follow were all in the hands of her captors now …… The men eyed her hungrily, their eyes shining a demonic lust behind the cotton balaclavas, men possessed by a primal need to injure, to hurt, to take something that wasn’t theirs to take, and bend it To their will, 12 in all, all of muscular build, from 6 ft to 6. The men gathered round, to watch the slut get fucked stupid, her own body betraying her, she began to grunt like a slut, and her pussy swelled with blood, before she gasped and squirted all over the machine and its toys, her anal passage thoroughly used up, the ring hanging loose around the toy, as it slid in and out of her asshole, she passed out again, She awoke to pain, suffering and utter despair….

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Kanata futaki
Omg she is so perfect her name please
Momoko hanasaki
Really bothered that she is licking so far below the clit lol
Ukai keishin
I don t know what to tell you
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Asuha touhara
What delicious