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#21662 - I let go of her lips and let the tip only of my tongue find their way between her lips so that for the first time her cunt can feel my probing tongue as I part her legs more her lips open and exposed this gentle pink opening full of pleasure for both of us. In a few minutes I am going to finish and I am going to come out of here and walk into the bedroom naked, if you want to go now is the time, but if you are there when I come out, I will not see my partners daughter but a young woman in her prime with great tits who is not sure what she wants and I am going to put on the film again and if you stay well we could have some fun, if you go I will lie on the bed watch the film and have a wank. I can feel myself getting a little excited now I have used this line before to get into a woman’s draws and it has worked.

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