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#63485 - Sue was showing signs of exhaustion, as her orgasm gripped us tight, but with less movement from her, then he too filled her ass with another hot load, this time I held him squeezing his cock to get the last of his cum from him. I swung around, my ass over Lyn's face and pushed his cum out sucking his cock dry as I did, Al saw his cum all over her face, then I moved and licked it off her, kissing her as I did, Al then bent down and also licked his cum from her face sharing it with her, my mouth went back to his cock while he kissed her clean. Now he was face fucking me, his cock starting to pulse, then with one loud grunt, he filled my mouth with his cum, I ate it all then licked him dry, Lyn turned to help me suck him clean, and also to keep him hard, she said if you think my ass is nice you should try his, its tighter than mine, he looked shocked but my mouth on his hard cock showed us he was thinking about it.

Read Masterbation Calpis x Trap! - Touhou project Mamada Calpis x Trap!

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Amazing tits
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Another masterpiece
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Do you call sticky fingers sticky sticky fingers when hes sticky