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#255074 - Taller than I by several inches, and with a more shapely and seductive body, her breasts and hips were a bit larger than mine but it was her lovely legs, and bottom that impressed me the most. My amorous companion had along with his friend gone to sleep with his head on my shoulder that had during our sleep ended up on my breast with his hand still in my panties! He also was awaken by the announcement and quickly removed it! Followed by sitting up and folding the blanket pretending as if nothing had happened, but looked at me again with a knowing smile. She was flying in to LHR Heathrow, from New York, Mr Powers my slave master had insisted I use his silver Mercedes Business Limousine , to pick Diana up at the airport thinking that it would give her and I a better chance to know one another in a closer and more intimate way, and that I not have to drive and fight the airport traffic.

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