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#235100 - Diane and I tried to make small talk, but because everyone dozing in the back seat we ended up sitting silently and just glancing at each other nervously every few seconds, I had placed the box of almonds in between my legs so I could eat while I drove. We both jumped suddenly as the elevator doors opened up to admit a few loud spoken kids, we stood in nervous anticipation as one of them hit the button for there floor and luckily ignored us, after what seemed an eternity, the doors slid open and they glided out, I hurriedly pushed the door close button and getting a brief flash of brilliance, pushed the button to take us to the roof. Unfortunately because of the concert there was a great deal of traffic for this time of night and the drive was slow going, everyone except Diane and myself rapidly dozed off in the cool summer night.

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Mmmmmmmmmm i love
Yuu sonoda
What a good girl sucking it all up
Diao chan
Holy smokes you guys are so hot