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#199856 - it was my night with Gretchen again, felt so good her cuddling into me, too tired to play before sleep took over. My balls now swollen with cum could hold back no longer, with one deep thrust my cock erupted inside Sue's ass, feeling my body contracting, set Rick off, his cock filling my ass with his load, in one quick instance two people had cum with me as their sex toy, I swung around for Sue to fist my ass and play with her husband's cum inside me, she gave me several orgasm before I fell on top of her while we recouped. I told them it was another one of our kinks, Gretchen said each to their own, but Sue surprised us all, sitting next to Lyn kissing her as other guys took their turn peeing over them both, even Rick took a turn, aiming for Sue & Lyn's boobs, Lyn took some in her mouth then kissed Sue sharing his piss.

Read Ecchi BACK Dake wa Urimasen!! - Fate zero Gay Sex BACK Dake wa Urimasen!!

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She got the bioshock tattoo on her wrist nice
Whre are you guys from
I like