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#206540 - Five minutes later he met Brenda in front of the big top, and off they went arm in arm. In the past, Brenda had cum just by having her nipples sucked, and while it took a tit sucking expert to make it happen, Walt seemed to be a tit sucking connisoire! Suck me baby, she begged, suck mama's big nipples! Just listening to that little girl's voice drove Walt crazy with lust as his pecker was now like a piece of steel trapped in his Levis! In the next few minutes clothes were flying every which way, with both Walt and Brenda in a race to see who could get naked first. When they were both down to their birthday suits, Walt was treated with the sight of one of the best bodies he had ever laid eyes on! The blonde hair on her head was a perfect match for the perfectly trimmed patch between Brenda's pretty thighs.

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