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#269353 - The walk to the beach was a good hour and the sun was just starting to warm up and beads of sweat was starting to form on my forehead, a little rest to take some water and check the condition of the soles of my feet – apart from being dirty they looked remarkably good considering the hard ground, but this is the only way I seem to get tanned feet is to walk barefooted everywhere, within reason. After a couple of hours I suddenly notice how sexy I was feeling and an urgent need to play with myself, I looked down to my totally shaved pussy and saw pussy juices leaking from my love hole, there’s only one thing to do and do I shall, unbuckling my rucksack and finding the coolbox with the pick nick things inside I pulled out the largest cucumber I’ve ever seen, it had to be nine inches long and nearly three inches diameter, I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it in the supermarket, and now I need it bad, but how can I play with it on the beach, what if I’m spotted, bingo,

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