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#105149 - By late afternoon I had just finished polishing our sports car, when Jan came out with a nice cold beer for me & a glass of white wine for herself suggesting that we have a simple dinner & an early night as she was very tired from all the house work. I asked Jan if she would take off her bikini for some nude photo’s with me to which she replied, you’ll have to catch me first! As Jan ran around in the water with me in hot pursuit, Shane was busy taking photo’s, Steve & Simon were standing at waters edge laughing their heads off, Jan tripped into the water & I helped her up removing her Bikini top at the same time, before she quickly ran off again, her delightful boobs bouncing up and down in full view of the boys. Jan said yes it was a good idea but too stop off some were so she could put her bathers on, passing a nearby park I noticed a toilet block and suggested we could go in there and change.

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Suruga kanbaru
So epic i almost got caught simping
Shingo tsukino
She is beautiful what is her name
Fuck you