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#301204 - She told me I’m a rare breed and then we came back” Andy sighs exasperated and throws himself into a chair “Women” They both burst out laughing and start to talk about the next season. He breathes deeply and swallow slowly, his back arching slightly from the overload of pleasure coursing through his body, her mouth slips from his cock and he opens his eyes as the cool air brush over his wet cock “Do we have a deal baby?” He only manages to croak out “Yes” Almost instantly her mouth engulfs his cock again, her hand gently milking his balls as she add her hand to her mouth, squeezing firmly as she lick and suck on his cock. She sighs softly “But I want you to come visit me on Friday OK?” The soft breast and hard nipple is slowly taken from his mouth, she slides down him and her lips seeks out his and she push her hot body tightly against his body, when she pulls away he tries to pull her back to him, but with slight resistance she moves down his body.

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Shingo tsukino
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Very hot i like this girl
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