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#81297 - Haa Haaa Haaaa, Ohh really Lina!! Replied a voice from above them, NAGA!! IMPOSSIBLE!! Lina yelled, Who's Naga? Gourry asked, Im Naga Naga said as she made herself visible and reversed her levitation spell to land on the ground, Naga the serpent, world class sorceress and Lina's number one rival, rival? just this morning you were calling me your junior partner, what happened? Lina asked, What changed my dear Lina is that you spit roasted and ate me!! Naga said as she lunged at Lina who then dodged the attack, well you deserved it!! Lina said, You roasted that girl Lina? Gourry said, I knew you were evil Gourry added as he pulled out the strange sword hilt, LIGHT COME FORTH! he yelled and his sword hilt once again erupted into a long sword of light.

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Would ve been a lot better if the tv was turned down and the guy was moaning too
Seira mizuki
Wait a minute i was looking for poptropica
Rin hoshizora
This hentai better give me the n word pass
Magane chikujouin
I would love and make love to you
Thx you