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#213209 -     My wife of 30 yrs is still beautiful at 55 and has a great little body, small tit's, long brown hair, all her girl friends seem to envy her in many ways and often tell her how lucky she is . i knew she was having an orgasm by the way  her breath was short, she had her eyes closed  and she went over the edge when I placed my mouth on her tit and started sucking . Janet is a wild one, loves to drink and get crazy , she has a great body for being 50  long brown hair blue eyes another little woman like my wife  just 5'  tight little butt and has had breast  implants which she often likes to brag about and has shown us  when she has had a few too many.

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Kana imai
Today being my birthday i gotta say the best thing i could ask for is that