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#349490 - Before long both mother and daughter were rotating over the coals browning nicely while the entire party were engaged in an orgy of honor for the two lovely roasting meat-girls, Lina one of Jessica's friends was in the middle of bouncing on top of her own fathers cock as she saw him looking at her lovely friends roast then look at her then back to the roasting Jessica then at her again, just as they both came, her all over his cock and him inside her tight pussy, he had started to ask the question, but was cut off, Don't even think about it dad, your not converting me to meat-girl Lina said as she jumped off his cock in search of another hard cock to take inside her. When he finally removed the flame from her exposed pussy the smell of cooking girl-meat was in the air, she had started to turn a light brown with some blistering, Jessica was now gratefully he removed the flame and that she was able to endure the pain, What will be next? she wondered while he allowed her

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Anybody have the full scene