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#313855 - I can't help but caress you - my hand wanders up - filling itself with your breast - the weight of it - the fullness of it - rounding out my hand - and my index finger like a bakers tablet is ready for my thumb rolling down and kneading your nipple. I can feel the air on my body now, I feel this because the heat of my body and the little bit of sweat that is inking out of my pores is evaporating trying to cool the fire that is being stoked by the passion of our loins. Your hands reach out and not able to purchase a grip on my chest, slid down to my hips as you feel them rocketing forward and backwards as the piston arms on the large driving wheel on a locomotive and then they glide back over your body - your stomach - then up to your breasts - steadying them a bit from the violent rocking that they are doing under the assault of my pounding inside of you.

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