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#287679 - Within five seconds of her last reply, the small object in her pussy suddenly sprang to life, vibrating with unusual intensity! She gasped out loud, and a small moan escaped her throat as the miniature vibrator sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body! She was brought back to reality when Sir David spoke again, Hanna, when you meet your appointment, you will stand before him, lift your skirt, and ask him to orally satisfy you! A wave of panic swept over Hanna, because her next appointment was not with a man at all, but with Laura Thomas, vice president in charge of procurement. Finally, sighed Hanna Cord out loud, the last appointment of the day! And it had been a long day, up at six, first appointment at 7:30, drive thirty miles through heavy traffic for her ten o'clock, well, it was enough to frazzle anyone! Just as she was about to get out of her new Lexus, her portable phone rang, Hello, she answered, who is it!?! It's me, said a stern male voice on th

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Yeah this is good and all but i hate god
Sylvie arte
Amy andersen
Kinda hot dumb storyline lol