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#197723 - I am on a plane from new your to boulder Colorado it was an almost empty flight and there were only about five other people on it and they were all sitting at the front most of them were about 5s or 6s but there was one she was blue eyed and had blonde hair she was thin and had a perfect ass. At this point I had a great idea to hover her whole od in duck tape as I heard it makes you so sweaty so I covered her whole body in the stuff leaving only her head and a small hole for her pussy and ass. I waited for her to go to the toilet at the back of the plane just as she stepped in the door I jumped in after her covered her mouth and locked the door she started to try and scream at me so I took my hand off her mouth and she starts saying get the hell off me you pervert so I punched her across the face, this left the unconscious while she was passed out I took off her panties pissed on them and then put tem in her mouth and secured it with my belt and tie her hands and feet together.

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