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#12215 - ” Tracey was relieved, for a while there she believed that Emily really did mean to sell her after all! “So hold on in there for another 15 minutes or so and I can let you go then. Tracey hadn't noticed before but the other four girls were standing against a thin metal stand that had a kinda of clamp around the waist and neck of each girl and as Emily pushed her back she felt the clamps firstly open and then spring back into place as she was pushed into position so that she was now effectively held in place, not too tightly but certainly enough to stop her moving away, not that she could of anyway bound as she was! “Right then all you have to do now is stand there and look tasty. ” Emily giggled, “anyway I've got it all figured out, once we shut I'll quickly let you go and then show Mr Chambers the till receipt for the other girl we did sell earlier and he will be none the wiser.

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