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#84250 - The anticipation The sickly Distorted Painful Anticipation Every night we sit together Him on his couch Me on mine I watch him Twitching Switching channels I slouch I swear he doesn’t Even notice Me twitching Itching for his Affection Can’t seem to find The right direction He needs a hobby I want it to be me The things that I’ve let you Do, the things I want to let you Do to me, all of me I love coming home from work To the way you always rub my feet Which leads to you Treating me Like a fucking piece of meat Grabbing, tight around my waist Taking what you want Anything you want Even take it from me Late at night After I’m in my bed Peaceful sleeping Shatter my dreams With your reality I know you love it When I whimper and moan Scream NO! And groan THAT’S GOING TO HURT! DON’T DO THAT, NO! IT’S GOING TO HURT! NO NOT THERE, NO! I know you love it Fuck I want to bit you Bite you till you bleed Fuck to taste you

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Such huge hentai in that small pussy wow so fun to watch
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