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#274423 - From a distance Sharon Hallums looked around the park as she stretched ready for her morning jog, every morning she would come down to the park and have a good 30 minuets run to keep in shape, she was proud o her body and had rights to be too. “Is there anything the matter my dear?” a man’s voice asked from over her shoulder, Sharon quickly spun around to see who it was who had spoken to her and saw a wrinkled, white haired old man stood behind her in a suit and brown hat “I have lost my money again, I always bring some change with me to buy a drink after my run, and this is the second day in a row I have lost it, I must have a hole in my pocket or something” Sharon said still feeling around her pockets. Sharon went round the park 3 times in total and she could feel eyes on her each time she went past people, she knew that every man including the old one at the benches was watching her and taking a second look, she had gotten used to man giving her attention she had, had it

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