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#318831 - JUST SUCK ME WHORE THEY CAN WATCH AND LEARN !!!! I was horrified by the thought that Pamela and Vicky were about to see their mum sucking this man but I had no choice I knew what to do my ex use to love me doing that to him but it was a sexual act that I did not like at all appreciate but there I was on my knees with this man's cock in my mouth and sucking like mad I wanted this man to come as quick as possible so we could get out of here I must have been sucking his cock for 5 minutes or so and i knew he was about to come he just took his cock out of my mouth and shouted THAT'S ENOUGHT FOR NOW WOMAN NOW GET UP AND TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF !!! i knew I was about to be raped so I was not going to make that easy for him I just turn round to him and told him to fuck off and that there was no way I was going to undress for him or anyone else . within half an hour we heard the dogs bark and David said that must re his dad and john back home and sure enought within a few sec

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Aoba seragaki
What a chump
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