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#348466 - Jenna like her father was also unsure of weather she should eat the meat that was placed in front of her but at the same time she was excited by the thought of eating another girl that she had to retrain herself from rubbing her thighs together mashing her clit against the fabric of her jeans, her panties were soaked and starting to leave a wet spot between her legs that did not go unnoticed by Steve who recognized her secret desire. Several times over the next week gave Ted even more chances to fantasize and masturbate to thoughts of Jenna forced to take the spit like Jessica, Hey Ted Steve called from his side of the fence, Hey Steve what’s up? Ted replied moving toward the fence to get a better view of Steve, Having another barbeque tomorrow and was wondering if you would like to come over? Steve replied, What's on the menu? Ted asked trying to hide a slight smile, Well I was hoping you would give me Jenna but if not im going to roast Susan Steve replied. Of

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