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#277874 - For the first time tonight my head did the thinking and talking and I said just came to give you these back I walked over and gave her the stuff back and turned around when suddenly she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her she she gave me a very passionate kiss and started to feel my dick and to my surprise it stayed soft. I couldn't sleep as the nights events were playing on my mind but when I eventually got to sleep I slept like a baby End of chapter one Chapter two coming soon Please leave comments and tell me on how I can improve just remember it's my first story ;). An hour later she still hadn't come down so I went up, she was asleep in the bath so u tried shouting her to wake her up but she didn't reply, then my cock started to do the thinking and I creeped in to have a sneaky peak at her.

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Toyohisa shimazu
Noobmaster69 does someone know him
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So how many orgasms did she have while getting those tattoos aka this is too fake