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#184542 - She introduced us, and after the cordials, just told him that he was a lucky man to have such a hot sexy wife. Alright, this is my first story, and it is absolutely true, if I get a good response, I’ll share the many more experiences I’ve had over the years. I was sitting at the bar, enjoying a beer, just glancing around, scopin’ everything out, and after awhile, while on my 2nd or 3rd beer, noticed a very attractive, older woman, who appeared to be in her 30’s, and she occasionally would glance in my direction and smile, I of course would politely nod and smile back.

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Akari kirishima
The sounds they make are so primal i love it
Syaoran li
Hey michael vsauce here
Itsuki koizumi
Great to see white girls getting reamed and white bois getting jealous