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#223129 - I knew he was going to fuck me, he had to, I wanted it as bad as he did, but before we fuck, I wanted to make him feel good enough to enjoy the head I was giving him, utilizing all of my experiences in that department, I tried taking more of it, it was sliding deep in my mouth right into my throat, till I was close to choking, but I pulled it out so quick, took some breath then back in, but deeper this time. The older man was talking to me but I noticed him getting a bet nervous and sweating, words not so clear from him, I asked him “have you been drinking before you got here uncle?” “Just a couple of drinks” he said, then somehow, I felt he was hiding something from me, finally, I realized the older man was getting a hard on, that he had a problem hiding from me. I lowered my head towards his dick and licked its shiny head, passing the tip of my tongue over its head and its length, then I wrapped my lips around it softly, barely touching it, and started sliding the head inside my

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