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#230575 - The ambulance finally arrived at the farm, they had to medicate me three times, but I did not sleep, the pain was to great, my daughter rode in the ambulance with me, I should have realised there was a problem when she kept looking at the tent pole that rose up under the sheet, but I had my own problems, they got me into my bedroom (the front room thank God) I could not have handled any more and I slept the moment to pain eased off. Her grandmother's climax was easing off now and I told my daughter (Louise) to sit on the bed as we had to talk, she sat but left me a little dumb founded when she started playing with my cock while it was still buried in her grandmother, at which point Sophia started to come again, this was getting out of hand, what if one of her daughters came in to check on me, Louise snuggled into me and told me that she had been aware of sex since her third operation and that every time anyone touched her down there she came, so they had suggested that she was

Read Bus Ryuujin-sama to Ore | 龙神大人与我 Glasses Ryuujin-sama to Ore | 龙神大人与我

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