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#7492 - Hanh had her back to me as I walked to the table, and I took in her uniform dress, tight and showing another of the endlessly slim bodies here in Vietnam; when she turned to greet me, I saw the centre zip of the dress had been slid down quite a way, cleavage available to my view, and I locked my eyes there for a moment or two; when I raised them to her eyes, she had a questioning look, and I nodded ‘very nice’ as I sidled between her and Ming and took up my glass. It was minutes of extreme intimacy before Linh spoke” The girls never told me about this, sir…” “I am not a sir, Linh, and certainly not when we are doing this. We were ready, and I had no real qualms about the project, and provided the lawyers didn’t, we seemed set to conclude matters later with the client.

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