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#215483 - I put the bags on the bed. We did something for the next 2 days until it was the weekend I woke up alone in bed it was early the sun wasn't even up yet and got up and went to the bathroom I went and laid down again I heard the door open and close and keys hit the nightstand  Tim wake up its moving day and I need a truck and then gotta get the rest of my stuff outta storage I'm awake, wait why didn't I wonder why you weren't in bed or the bathroom I dunno she giggled but seriously Tim I gotta find someone who rents trucks too 18 year old's don’t worry I got it I wiped my eyes how ? my uncle owns a tree trimming business I grabbed my phone and called uncle Steve good morning Tim morning I said blandly uncle Steve what's up man ? he asked Can I borrow one of the Dually's and an enclosed goose neck I'll return it with a full tank how long ? he asked how long I repeated to Tessa


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Tadayasu sawaki
Shes great with bbc
Kotoko utsugi
I just threw up a little bit in my mouth wtf did i just watch
I loved thisssss