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#383618 - As good as it had felt, there was an under current of malevolence surrounding the whole affair. There was no doubt about it now, these orgasms came only when she was sleeping! What on earth was the matter with her! My god, she just couldn't keep on this way! The only odd thing that happened to her over the first few days was her encounter with that bag lady. She was only conscious that it was happening again, the only difference being that she didn't try to fight it, instinctively knowing it was hopeless to do so!!! Again her body responded in a most female way, giving of herself to the on rushing orgasm! This time, however, she sensed more of a presence, of something making her feel like the mother of all things! What was it, what could it be!?! Her vaginal walls began to contract as the orgasm spread through her entire being, until finally the climax ebbed, leaving Paige a disheveled sweaty mess and her mind slowly clearing.

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