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#414751 - She was ready, I moved around, bigger and bigger orgasm hit her, then with one good push my arm was nearly inside her, inches from my elbow, she was a real trooper. Kim had come over, holding Stef, kissing and asking her how she was, I saw Stef nod a ok, as another orgasm shot thought her, Now I held still and let her work her body on my hand, she pushed back, each time a orgasm followed. Oh wow, as Stef moved off, in search of new cocks, I had been fucking Kim now for some time, had butt is so nice and now with both of us in her, tight too, so I winked at Kim we moved, her butt let us slip out, then she sat down on my fist, taking some 3 or 4 Inches of me in her butt, her mouth filled with the spare cock, didn't last long, cum dripped out onto my face, she jumped up and down with glee as she enjoyed my fisting.

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