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#138752 - He didn't have to dig deep, he knew the answer, his dads buddies, Dylan’s dad aside from being a user and abuser was a a pretty good business man himself, it was the only thing his dad did good in and that was making sure the family had money, but it still did not make up for years of abuse Dylan had received from him until the day Dylan turned the tables on his dad and took his “will. Don was a little harder to “will” so Dylan wanted to focus on him a bit to see how hard it would to break him in. He kept this up sometimes for the whole game and while dads buddies couldn't stop themselves from serving Dylan, they would become very tired making it easier for Dylan to bend their “Will,” even further and harder for them to stop themselves! Making them bigger and easier whores than they wished to be! On certain game nights, Dylan would “will” his dads buddies to wear certain athletic gear.

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