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#400646 - Next morning when she opened her shop Mandy and another girl Amy came to her running and crying, she guessed what happened and she was right, yes Convict did it again! Mandy work in a first food restaurant and Amy work in a beautiparlour. Convict move towards them and ordered a Cappuccino coffee, he heard that they make the best coffee in this area! Three girls felt embarrassed and Rose looked very angry but stayed calm! All of them recovered well! Convict told rose he need to do haircut, when she is free! She looked around to get help from someone and told him not to come to her shop! His coffee arrived, he put a hundred dollars note next to it and told them to enjoy rest of their life and started walking without waiting for their answer! Convict was a innocent man because of misjudgement declared convict by judge, the judges were corrupted too.

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