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#362142 - After taking a sip of coffee, she began, As I'm sure you gathered from the ad, Jack, my company arranges entertainment for female clients in the, how shall I say this, well, the more mature vein, I'm happy to see that you look to be in tip top physical condition, because our young men are required to remove their clothing and put on a show for the women at their gatherings! Are you still interested, she asked? Jack knew from the way the ad was worded that it probably involved something like this, so he shook his head yes and asked Jill Hadley to continue. Oh god, she moaned loudly, eat it for me, do mama's clit for her!!! Jack didn't need to be asked again, and his tongue motored over Jill's hard nub until she was convulsing in a huge orgasm, and flooding his mouth with a gallon of cunt juice!!! Before she had a chance to catch her breath, Jack got to his knees and lined up his swollen rod with her gaping hair pie, and in one hard thrust buried it deep

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